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Деловой иностранный язык (ОТВЕТЫ)
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Open the brackets, put the verb in the correct form in sentence: "LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Transmission, and lightweight games like Sudoku and chess (include)... by default, while GNOME Files is the default file manager"

Тип ответа: Текстовый ответ в файле

Open the brackets, put the verb in the correct form in sentence: "The transistor, which (introduce) ... in the mid-1950s, made computers more reliable"

Тип ответа: Текстовый ответ в файле

Open the brackets, put the verb in the correct form in sentence: "There was no such thing when the first computers (develop)... following WWIΓ

Тип ответа: Текстовый ответ в файле

Open the brackets, put the verb in the correct form in sentence: "The addition of support for Linux programs, which (reveal) ... in 2018, was a big advance"

Тип ответа: Текстовый ответ в файле

Open the brackets, put the verb in the correct form in sentence: "Wireless network connectivity (also manage) ... by mobile operating systems"

Тип ответа: Текстовый ответ в файле

There are some of the potential benefits of distributed operating systems, for example ... (choose 2 correct answers)

they minimize the load on the host computer

they require a high level of expertise to maintain

they allow a faster exchange of data among users

if the primary network fails, the entire system shuts down

The ..., which was introduced in the mid-1950s, made computers more reliable




vacuum tube

The type of operating system that is not directly linked to the computer is the ... operating system





... was developed by Bell Labs and was the first significant operating system to be written almost entirely in high-level language




Windows 95

... created the first operating system for the IBM 701




General Motors

The Apple Macintosh, a low-cost workstation that emerged from early Alto computer concepts, was released in ...





The introduction of time-sharing systems, in particular, has long been regarded as a watershed moment in the evolution of ... systems

О operating

О executing

О mediating

О monitoring

A user cannot send direct instructions to the hardware ... various activities

О execute

О executes

О to execute

О to be executed

Identify the sequence of generations of computers (by their description):

Тип ответа: Сортировка

1 huge machines capable of conducting numerical calculations

2 computers were mostly utilized for scientific and technical calculations, with FORTRAN and assembly code being the most used programming languages

3 the machines shared the same architecture and instruction set, programs created for one could be run on the other

4 computers with Large Scale Integration Circuits (LSI) and silicon chips with thousands Oftransistors

Prior to the transistor’s discovery in 1947, the only way to execute amplification of a weak current in an electronic circuit was to use a vacuum tube. What were the initial advantages transistors demonstrated over small vacuum tubes?

О Transistors had longer lifespan, were smaller and many of them could be placed on a single chip

O Transistors were larger, while consuming far less power. They were more reliable

O Small vacuum tubes’ production cost was much higher. Tubes' material turned out to be harmful for people's skin

The OS-9 family of real-time operating systems has been in use for over 20 years, with more than 5 million installed copies.

The range of OS-9 applications is wide - industrial automation, instrumental and measuring systems, military and space systems. Why has the OS-9 been so popular and widely used?

О Number of supported hardware platforms and the quality of that support; various development tools; advanced network facilities

O Unlimited number of tasks; it's the first commercial real-time OS designed for building highly reliable fauIbtolerant systems

O Their protocol is not based on any of the common network protocols such as IPX or NetBios and has a number of qualities that make it unique; keeps specific hardware running smoothly

Cryptography is the study of secure communications techniques that allow only the sender and intended recipient of a message to view its contents. What does a massive use of cryptography lead to?

О Among other things, it leads to protection of accounting for payment by subscribers of a digital communication channel

O It leads to the dissemination of obscene materials that pose a threat to the moral foundations of society, because people feel free when they can act anonymously, distribute, buy and sell illegal materials with low chance Oftracing them

O It leads to a significant improvement of the identification of people by automatic machines when crossing the borders of states

An information society is a society where the usage, creation, distribution, manipulation and integration of information is a significant activity. Which of the following statements is not true about the Information Society?

О The information society refers to the social, economic, technological, and cultural changes that have occurred as a result of the rapid development and extensive use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in modern countries, particularly since World War Il

O According to Professor W. Martin attempted to formulate the main characteristics of the information society according to the Social and Technological criteria

O The information society has been formed decades ago, and therefore has been widely studied from different angles; experts have reached the consensus regarding the "Information Society" term

Artificial intelligence is becoming more standardized, making it more accessible to a subject-matter expert who isn't necessarily a knowledge engineering expert. What standards are becoming more common accessible and useful today?

О International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Remote Data Access (RDA)

O American National Admissions Institute (ANSI) Structured Join Language (SQL)

O Object Management Group (OMG) - Common Object Broker Architecture (CORBA)

O Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML)

O Web Ontology Language (OWL), Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language, Win Interchange Format (KIF)

Most businesses don't want to deal with non-core tasks, which include the IT infrastructure. And if it has to pay for a data center, it has to function at maximum efficiency. Crisis situations are exacerbating resource shortages. Enterprises are cutting IT budgets, investing less in long-term projects in general and in data centers in particular. It is impossible to abandon IT altogether - it is equal to giving up doing business, but phased financing and speed of commissioning come to the fore. What do today's IT managers face while having limited budgetary resources to expand data centers?

О Task of providing more services to more users, meeting ever-increasing performance expectations, storing and managing exponentially increasing amounts of data, better protecting the network, and ensuring system stability

O Mail to be lost when using postal mail, and neither the sender nor the receiver would know where the letter was or whether it had been delivered

O They face a lot of challenges as "hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually on mobile phones, electronic devices, computers, and other microelectronic products, spawning an entire industry that did not exist a decade ago"

Match the names of operating systems with their descriptions:

Тип ответа: Сопоставление

Linux Fedora



Free BSD


it consists of software provided under a variety of open-source and free licenses

it is available in three editions: Desktop. Server, and Core (for internet of things, devices and robots)

it is also known for its web, database and Java­based services and its unlimited capacity for helping in managing file system and databases is a big plus as well

it is a free UNIX based open-source software that is compatible with many platforms and boasts features such as speed and stability

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