Иностранный язык 4. Итоговый тест 2024г. Росдистант

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Итоговый тест_иностранный 4
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Иностранный язык 4. Итоговый тест 2024г. Росдистант.

Вопросы указаны ниже и в демо версии


What is the synonym for the verb to determine?

She still remembers a story that she heard in her

A. Is the house at the end of the street still for sale?

B. No, it ... two weeks ago.

She was ... upsetting her parents.

Children often feel ... when a new baby comes along.

What is the synonym for the word contest?

He was behaving like a ... child. He was the most selfish in the group.

In her chidhood Mary was ... spiders.

I don't want to ... too much ... my parents.

We did everything we could to ... this fight.

Anyway I don’t want to ... your decision.

She desperately wanted to win her father's

He never saw his father while he was

What is the synonym for the word commitment?

Credit cards ... here.

The flight ... because of fog.

Candidates ... to speak fluent English.

I think, Bill ... from his job. He isn’t very good at it.

There was a fire at the hotel last week. Many rooms ....

How much money ... in the robbery?

I saw an accident yesterday. Two people ... to hospital.

Dutch ... at the conference. The working language ... English.

Mercedes cars ... in Germany and they ... all over the world.

The magazine "Cool" ... mostly by teenagers.

At this moment films ... only on Wednesday evenings.

All taxes ... in the price for this new product.

After graduating the university they decided to get married and ....

My parents always ... charities. They liked helping people in need.

At the beginning he had no idea how to

This virus …. Immune system of many people all around the world several years ago.

Why is he ... others for his problems?

What is the synonym for the verb to refuse?

The younger children were badly treated by older ....

Helen is rebellious. That's why her three ... ended in divorce.

“When are you going to get married and ...?” - my father asked.

Children and teenagers shouldn't ... a lack of attention from their parents.

What is the synonym for the verb to determine?

Owners of the cars that are parked illegally ... 50$.

He ... for shoplifting yesterday.

... those toys ... by hand?

It’s noisy living here, but I ... by it.

Don’t worry! The order ... in time.

Two hundred people ... by the company.

I never received the letter. It ... to the wrong address.

... those documents ... by email or by post?

The best chocolate ... by Swiss companies.

You can’t see the house from the road. It’s surrounded ... trees.

Only vegan food ... in this restaurant.

I made a mistake because I ... what to do.

As they both were unemployed, they couldn’t ... to have kids.

Simon ... his personal life to move ahead in his career.

Despite her ... to mass media, Irma was persuaded to talk to the journalists.

The road was damaged recently. It ... now.

Footballers must ... by the referee's decision.

Steps are being taken to ... bribery in the police force.

The ... samples were analyzed in the lab and the specialists found them to be cancerous.

I promise to ... the glass that I have dropped.

Martin had four ... filled at the dentist's.

This yacht does not need to be ... because it ... a powerful huge battery.

Caroline forgot to plug the microwave oven into the ....

Google is researching virtual reality and ... glasses.

Due to ... interactive technology visitors can experience gallery exhibits more realistically.

They expect that there will be a ... in the medicine and food supply.

Kevin set up his company ....

While our dinner ..., the doorbell rang.

We were told to wait because the witness ... in the room.

I didn't know that our dialogue

The room in the hotel was cozy because it

Nicholas and Amanda need our support because their house ... in the earthquake recently.

... there anything ... about the issue?

When I last arrived in Moscow, some new road links ....

Angelina ... the job, but I don’t think she will accept it.

Our project ... still ....

There is somebody behind us. We ....

When we arrived in Saint Petersburg, that building ....

You can't go in. He ... for the magazine.

The rate of economic growth has continued to ....

We have a good stock of a wide range of ..., including washing machines, steam irons, fridges,

vacuum cleaners, juice squeezer and microwave ovens.

Experts predicted the rise of biotechnology, chemistry, space science and ....

All inhabitants ... their city with a beautiful embankment and modern infrastructure.

I ... a copy of the financial report which included rates and figures for the last six months.

Some ..., such as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), can be ... by blood.

We ... the Spanish football team and reached the final.

We have to ... these shelves to the wall.

The architecture has fallen into .... It has to be repaired and restored.

This kind of ... is hard to ... in its early stages.

It was hard to ... patients because of a ... of medicine.

The ... of the ... is to try to discover more information about the causes of the disease.

My car has disappeared. It ... by someone.

These devices ... yet.

... your project ... yet?

I didn't know who I ... to.

The floor was dirty. It ... for ages.

I was told that five new houses ... by the sea.

The sofas and armchairs ... when we came into the room.

Why ... the work ... yet?

These spare parts ... yet.

A hotel ... near the airport recently.

The electrician was sent for because the electricity in the flat ....

The exhibition is now on 1 June. The date of the exhibition ....

These spare parts ... yet.

David got a promotion due to his ....

This house has a lot of cracks so it is ....

I ... guilty if I ... the customers' financial details.

I have already ordered a ... mouse and keyboard for more ... work.

The government costs on ... are increasing.

The ... caused serious damage to crops and starvation.

Unfortunately, the ... in some African and Latin American countries is low.

An ... device was found at one of the shopping malls this evening.

It is hard for her to ... her time equally between work and family.

The government froze the company's

Unfortunately, there are some ... on the road to mutual understanding and peace.

Increasing the tax on gasoline will ... the welfare of people.

These leaders are trying to get as much political ... on the situation as they can.

This company …. on software trade.

When Linda ... to our town, we usually ... dinner together in our favourite restaurant.

If you ... me about the meeting yesterday, I ... about it.

If Caroline ... often ... overtime, she ... so exhausted. She should take some time off and relax.

Britney ... home in time today, if she ... detained at work.

If I ... into time trouble last month, we ... to go to the resort.

If Ashley ... at home that day, he ... his wife at his friends' wedding.

I ... a baby-sitter for my son now, if I ... it.

Michael, you should take into account that it is better to call a taxi in advance. If you ... a

taxi earlier, we ... in a traffic jam yesterday.

We ... the French teacher better, if she ... more slowly.

The plane takes off in two hours. If you ... home now, you ... the plane.

If I ... a child, I ... myself.

If I ... you, I ... for another job.

People demanded ... from the politicians.

This health program was not fully ... because of its high costs.

The ... of the economic sanctions are already being felt by many international companies.

The managers are not satisfied with the current level of ... and the financial state of the


The compliments Daniel received after the release of that movie ... his confidence.

All the workers must wear ... to protect their eyes from dust and hazardous substances.

The money must be ... into our company's bank account within 5 working days.

Scientists hope that this discovery will ... for the invention of cure for cancer.

Hackers gained complete ... to the company confidential information.

We are searching for ways to ... the production of our cars.

The volunteers were ... the task of rebuilding the school and the hospital.

This celebrity created such a ... that all the journalists came round.

Unfortunately, there are some ... on the road to mutual understanding and peace.

They ... us move house last Sunday if we ... them.

Martin, you should stay overnight. If I ... you, I ... in the snow.

We ... usually ... to the gym if we ... busy.

If you ... in a hurry that day, you ... your wallet.

As soon as we ... to the destination, I ... you a ring. I'm sure that everything will be all right.

Kathrine should be more patient. If she ... her Portuguese more actively, she ... the language


If the motorway ... icy that evening / the accident

If you ... the rules, you ....

Unfortunately, we failed to make a deal last Friday. If Hugh ... for the meeting with the new

customer, the meeting ... a disaster.

I ... the speed limit now, if there ... any police officers around.

We ... the competition last week if our best player ... injured.

If Vivian ... her ankle last Saturday, she ... us in the bar.

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